Monday, September 05, 2005

John 7:14-31 Sermon Brief

Sermon on John 7:14-31

The Theme I used
Spiritual judment depends on trusting the right spiritual authority.

Other Possible Themes
Knowledge makes you rebel against Jesus’ authority
Moral attitudes determine the rightness of your Spiritual judgment
What we love will determine the authority
Spiritual Authority must arouse the conscious not the curiosity.

Transition to the sermon complements:
8 ways spiritual judgement relys on the right spiritual authority.

Complements - I used in my sermon
Spiritual judgement relys on reveation not education - 14-15.
Spiritual judgmeent relys on pure or right motives to God's will - 16-17.
Spiritual judgment relys on another glory - 18.
Spiritual judgment relys on understanding covenant commands - 19-23.
Spiritual judgmeent relys on knowing that all that glitters isn't gold - 24.
Spiritual judgment relys on seeing Jesus as virgin born - 25-29
Spiritual judgment relys on believing God is in imediate control of all -30-31.

Other Possible Complements
Spiritual judgment doesn’t relay on an aroused curiosity - 15,
Spiritual judgment relies on a aroused conscience – 15
Spiritual judgment doesn’t rely on human education - 15
Spiritual judgment doesn’t rely on other’s opinions - 16
Spiritual judgment is about wanting God’s will before you know it – 17
Spiritual judgment is about pure motives not the intellect.
Spiritual judgment is a moral issue rather than an intellectual one - 17
Spiritual judgment is self authenticating - 17
Spiritual judgment is only assessed inside God’s will - 17
Spiritual judgment comes to us after we have morally chosen to do God’s will – 17
Spiritual judgment is about who one glorifies
Spiritual judgment comes by not accepting praise from one another – 18
Spiritual judgment seek God centered exaltation - 18
Spiritual judgment is more about motive than knowledge - 19
Spiritual judgment is about following first – 19
Spiritual judgment says it is right to ignore insults – 20-21
Spiritual judgment distinguished between the covenant commands - law of God and the law of Moses – 21-23
Spiritual judgments weighs all that God’s word has revealed – 24
Spiritual judgment remembers that all that glitters is not gold – 24
Spiritual judgment knows that even a nugget of gold has been know to be covered by dust – 24
Spiritual judgment passionately wants to know if one is preaching the truth of God – 25-26
Spiritual judgment sees everyone as opposed to Christ’s teaching apart from the grace of God
Spiritual judgment does not trust tradition – 27, 31, 42
Spiritual judgments believes that Christ will be supernaturally born (i.e. of a virgin, as in Isaiah 7:14) – 27
Spiritual judgment sees everything under the immediate control of God - 30

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