Tuesday, November 01, 2005

All Good Things Come From God - John 9:1-7

John 9:1-7

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Historicity of the text - Jonah was real
We complain when we refuse to see good in every situation in cluding claminities

Theme: All good things come from God.

1. It is good that God initiates mercy and is not preoccupied with his sorrow - 1
a. 1 Cor. 4:4-6
2. it is good that individual sin is not always the reason for suffereing – 2-3
a. John 5:14
b. 1 Cor. 11:30
c. The men in good circumstances may not be the best man and the best man may not be in good circumstances.
d. No Reincarnation
e. No sin in the womb
f. No sin in heridity
g. example: faith healing
3. It is good that God has wise and hidden purpose in affliction – 3
4. It is good that God’s glory in his will will untimately bring blessing to us – 3
5. It is good that we participate in the Works of God – 5
6. It is good that God uses the ordinary and Culturally profane – 6
7. It is good to obey the universal command to walk in the cleansing waters of Calvary – 7
a. see 2 Kings 20:20

Mud pack - deaf and dumb - healed with spit, blind man Mk 8:23 (directly not with mud), healing propertities in First born, condemned because of Pagan magic, or to magnify the cure.

If you are envious you can pelt Him
If you are curious you can gratify your curiocity
If you love Him, help Him.

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