Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Honoring God - John 8:48-59

Ways we honor or dishonor others
(my life - Monday - Astros loss, Wednesday - Astros Win, Thursday - Car Wreck)

Fallen Conditon Focus: Our lives tend toward dishorning God at every turn.

Thesis: God is honored acting on his Word!

Question: How can we Honor God?
  1. We honor God by not seeking honor from men - 48-50, 54
  2. We honor God by not being rearful in death - 51
  3. We honor God by acknowledging the true Spiritual Ancestry - 52-56
  4. We honor God by testifying to Jesus' deity - 57-59
1. We honor God by not seeking honor From men - 48-50, 54

2. We honor God by not being ferful in death - 51

  • Men fear death like children fear the dark
  • My experience: Bill Sims did not fear death...

Conditions of the promise:

  • Hear him - illustration of a squirl in the Dona Language - belief + Action
  • Believe on Him - Committment like a marriage
  • Obey Him

Promise of Eternal Life: Ez. 18:4, 20; Romans 6:23, 1 Corinthians 15:55-56

Assurance: Isaiah 65:16, 76 times the "Amen" is used in the from of the sentences when God is Speaking, and 46 times "Amen is used at the end of the sentence when man is speaking.

3. We honor God by acknowledging true spiritual ancestry - 52-56

Ways Abraham did this and so can we:

  • Abraham put calling above earthly honors (Religious people want honor more and the world will discourage you to follow God's calling)
  • Abraham believed God inspite of circumstances - Romam 4:19-21 (Abraham believed God could mke your circumstances better or more pleasing , but if he doesn't , one purpose it of it would be to teach you to trust Him.)
  • Abraham placed his hope in int he comming of Jesus. (Mt Moriah - Gen 22; Hebrews 11:17-18)

4. We honor God by testifing to Jesus' deity - 57-59

  • ego eimi - "I am"
  • Otherse you will seek to eradicte his presence from you life
  • Exocus 3:13-14
  • Many cliams to deity (Matthew 5:17, John 10:10, 17:1; Doubting Thomas - John 20:25-28)


You can try to illiminate the Rock of Ages but you will eventually come to terms with Christ in Judgement.

Do you honor God in Chirst?

  • Do you want approval or honor of Men or God?
  • Do you fear death?
  • Do you acknowledge true spiritual heritage?
  • Do you testify to Jesus' deity?

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