Tuesday, October 18, 2005

John 8:39-47 - Who Is Your Father


  • Our marriages and families give us many good traditions we trust, but traditions are no guarantee that we have understanding
  • In the same way our physical ancestry is no guarantee of our Spiritual ancestry.

Fallen Condition Focus: People tend to trust what is culturally acceptable if it helps their pride.

Theme: A trend toward obedience is a great test of our Spiritual relationship with the Father.

5 Believing Tests

  1. Christians believe that conduct is a spiritual indicator of a relationship to the Father - 39-41a
  2. Christians believe that to know God is to enthusiastically love Him 41b-42
  3. Christians believe that hearing God's Word is dependent on a right relationship with the Father - 43, 47
  4. Christians believe that Satan is a real fallen being - 44
  5. Christians believe that obedience to the truth is a necessary part of saving 45-47

After taking these test what test indicate that you have a spiritual ancestry with God the Father through Jesus Christ?

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