Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Last Sign - The Resurrection and the Life - John 11:11-27

Common vs. uncommon
Possible vs. Impossible
People in cars vs. people carrying a Car
Cows on the side o the Road vs. a Bull Charging at you
ICAW – you remember

  • What interest you
  • What you care about
  • What gets your attention
  • What you want to.

All 7 signs point to the Gospel or illustrate it

“Man is born into trouble as the sparks fly upward"

Theme: Look at how we misunderstand death:

  • Seeing a lifetime as a 24 hour day
    15 = 10:25 am
    25 = 12:42 pm
    35 = 3:00 pm
    45 = 5:46 pm
    55 = 7:34 pm
    65 = 9:55 pm
    70 = 11:pm
  • It is always later than you think.

Natural man is dead in trespasses and sins

  • Alienated from the life of God at birth
  • The day Adam ate from the forbidden fruit, he died spiritually
  • Not only as a private individual but as the head and public representative of his race

FCF: Their Problem in John – they trust in the flesh and thus misunderstood Jesus

  • Philippians 3:3 – “have no confidence in the flesh”
  • The quicker we are made to realize our how helplessness the more likely are we to see help from God

Transition: We need the revelation and wisdom that Jesus is the Resurrection and the life

1. We Misunderstand God Meaning in His Statements – 11:11-15


  • Harmless nothing to fear – Psalm 23
  • Relief – Eccl. 5:12 – Sweet is the sleep of a laborer…
  • To rise again
  • Rest – Rev. 14:13 – Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from now on. “Blessed indeed,” says the spirit that they may rest from their labors
  • Shuts out troubles
  • Shows ease by which the Lord quickens us
  • Body is equipped for tomorrow’s duties

God does not screen us from trials by which faith is strengthen – for apostles, the family, and the others.

  • Untried faith is little faith
  • Exposes our weakness
  • Drives you to God
  • Persevering affect on Faith – sometimes you need to be thrown into the water or you will not learn to swim, Flowers under glass may not make it out doors.
  • To ruin your son, never let him know hardship
  • Divine sympathy can be shown that would be otherwise

Why misunderstanding

  • Fear of returning to Judea
  • Occupied with temporal circumstances
  • When selfish motives control us
  • Double Minded – James 1:2-8
  • Solution: eye is single ( to God glory) 0 that our whole body is full of light

Proof of God’s omniscience – v. 14

  • Jesus is glad in once sense and sand in another sense (see also v. 35)
  • If we have our way we will be denied a greater blessing for others

Jeish –soul over 3 days to reenter, when it sees decay on the 4th day it leaves

Possible vs. impossible- shows God’s wisdom

2. We Misunderstand God’s Purpose in His Commands - 11:16-18

Pessimist – Thomas looked at the dark side

  • Thomas speaks of dying, Jesus speaks of giving life
  • Believers shows some trace of natural bend of character
  • Sanguine do not just become non-sanguine
  • We must take into account natural temperaments in forming our estimation of others


Possible vs. Impossible shows God’s wisdom

3. We misunderstand His Power in His Promises – 11:22ff

Luke 10

She had confidence in Christ but limited his power


  • 2 words
  • Creature to creator – inferior to inferior – only time in NT is here
  • 2 equals – all other times in new testament – like father to son or son to father
  • Drags Christ down to level of prophet
  • She thinks God answers Jesus’ prayers in a special way from others

Resurrection and life

  • Resurrection is the first clause
  • Life is the second clause
  • Die in one sense and not another
  • Life – eternal life
  • We enjoy Resurrection life this side of heaven
  • Resurrection of Lazarus becomes a paradigm of the life giving power of Jesus

Possible vs. Impossible – Shows the Wisdom of God


Do you believe it for yourself?
How late is it for you? 5pm 9pm 11pm…
Now is a time of mercy for you
Don’t misunderstand like these people did
You have been in accidents, near the grave several times in our life, you have been ill…
Believe he can save you now…

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