Sunday, February 19, 2006

John 12:1-11 - Extravagant and Broken Worship

Introductory Connections
Define Extravagant - spending to much wastefully
Give examples - $2,000,000 on a wedding, $10,000 for hotel, $100,000 for an auto
Extravagant is normally bad useless it is focused on Christ
define Brokenness

FCF: We are way to extravagant everything except for Christ

T/S: What is Broken/extravagant worship:

1. B/E Worship is sacrificial (1-3)
  • 6 days - Friday evening (2 day in Mk and Mt. Are not referring to this but another event and then they go back and use this event as an example)
  • At home of Simon the Leper - Relative?
  • Anointing was the instrument that enabled the Pharisees through the instrumentality of Judas
  • Supper - Reclined as normal with feat out
  • Ointment - spikenard from India
  • 1 year of Salary to buy
  • you would break glasses of a distinguished guest similar to the breaking of the boxes of spices here for burial
  • Brokenness leads to worship - they had to get to the end of themselves before they could enjoy Christ.
  • Martha served not with Worry this time (1 Cor. 15:58) - not like in Luke 10:40
  • How do we clip and shave our devotion to the Lord
  • Illustration: Gift of the Majai - Della and Jim - hair and watch were their price possessions - Dela sold her hair for $20 to buy a chain for Jim's Watch; Jim Sold his watch for tortoise shell combs for Dela's hair.

2. B/E Worship is motivated by heart surrender (4-8)
  • goodness of God in our misery leads to brokenness and then to repentance
  • No heart cannot appreciate devotion
  • Satan goading Judas; Holy Spirit moved Mary
  • True valuation of Christ brings out hatred
  • Love is never wasted - Phil 4:8
  • forgiven little, Loves litter - Lk 7:47
  • Those only anointed - Priests (Ex 29:7), Kings (2 Kings 9:3), Prophets (1 kings 19:16), Dead (John 19:39-40, Lk. 23:56, Mk. 16:1)
  • Are we as surrendered as marry
  • Anointed for burial - kept it for that purpose
  • leave her along - Jesus protects his sheep from the wolf
  • memorial - matt and Mark
  • sy/ned/do/che - using to whole to represtent the part or part to represent the whole.

3. B/E Worship results from Growing in Grace - Sanctification (9-11)
  • Curiosity is a powerful motive
  • People will commit murder rather than admit they are wrong

Concluding Connections
  • When box broken how was filled - everyone was made aware of it and it drifted outside too.
  • If the Lord is worshiped it will be hard to keep it quiet
  • The fragrance will fill us and follow us into a dying world
  • B/E Worship is a key to missions
  • Nothing is too sacrificial
  • Nothing is lost by being surrendered
  • Nothing is gained unless we grow to B/E Worship
  • Has your life been Broken?
  • Has your life been Poured out?
  • Is there room for more Sacrifice
  • Do you need to ask God for grace to grow and be more sanctified in order to worship

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