Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Fellowship of the Clenased - John 13:12-20


Check out books: Old Evangelism, When People are Big God is Small
Double washing
Provision of divine love for our failure in our walk
Maintaining our fellowship
One for the entire person, the other for feet
The former is once for all, the latter needs repeated daily
Washing is by the Word
The washing of regeneration is not by blood, though it is inseparable from redemption by blood, and neither one is ever repeated
Of the later
The one is for legal expiation
The other for moral purification
This cleansing is judicial, not experiential.
Illustration: like the sand at the beach. You have to constantly rinse.
Theoretical knowledge is of no value without carrying out of actions based on the knowledge

FCF: Fearful Pride is the brrier to cleansed fellowship
Theme: Cleansed fellowship is the way we ought to serve.
Question: What is the right motive of cleansed fellowship
T/S: Lets look at several activities of cleansed fellowship

1. Cleansed Fellowship Acknowledges The Authority Of The Lord vv. 12-13

2. Cleansed Fellowship Zealously Serves With Humility – vv. 14-15

3. Cleansed Fellowship Doesn’t See The Example Of Christ As Below Himself – Vv. 16

4. Cleansed Fellowship Pursues Happiness In Serving - v. 17

5. Cleansed Fellowship Is Ot Confiered By Ordinance But In Redemption – V. 18-20


Where we don’t love is where we are embarrassed to do something
Are people astonished for what you do for them?
Law: Covetousness, Holiness, love
Authority: Do we treat commands as commands if we don’t , we don’t believe

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