Tuesday, March 14, 2006

John 12:36-50 - Jesus' Public Resume

Intoductory Connections

  • These words cry aloud to sleeping churchmen and drowsy congregations
  • Unbelief = Reliance on Hman Resources - Computer for the Church
  • Resume
  • Fear of man – Deut 6:13, Prov. 1:7

FCF: People fail to take responsibility for their sin

Theme: God’s judicial judgement is deserved
because of people’s unbelieving and rebellious hearts.

T/S: Here are some Resume items of Jesus on the unbelief of the people

1. Unbelief Is Par Of God’s Prophetic Plan -Vv. 36-38

2. Unbelief Comes With Personal Responsibility And Culpability – V. 38

3. Unbelief Deserves Divine Judicial Judgment – vv. 39-41

4. Unbelief Comes From The Fear Of Man – Vv. 42-43

5. Unbelief Rejects God’s Exact Representative – vv. 44-45

6. Unbelief Doesn’t See The Light As Desirable Or The Darkness As Detestable – V. 46

7. Unbelief Means That Jesus Will Be Your Judge On The Last Day – vv. 47-50

Concluding Connections

  • No man will receive from God than what he deserves
  • God never turned away a sinner who come tohim pleading for his life
  • Matthew 11? – Come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest.
  • I admit you cannot come without his help
  • It is your responsibility to come
  • If you will not you have noone to blame but your self.

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