Sunday, April 30, 2006

Promises of Strength and Comfort

Promises of Strength and Comfort
John 14:12-20
Introductory connections
Illustration: Frankenstein
What made Frankenstein is a monster, was the he rebelled against his creator. He went his own way.
It is the same for us we become monsters when we rebel against the one who created us.
This rebellion creates a waited life. A monstrous life is a wasted life is a rebellious life
We have been called to faith in John 14:1-11
The faith and the praying (the 2 essential pre-requisites for doing of he ‘greater works”) have their root in an already existing love, which is now to be evidenced by pleasing its object.
Reason to not be troubled
Chief grounds of comfort
He was going to the Father’s house of many rooms
He was going to prepare a place for them
He would come back with his preparation was complete, to conduct them to heaven
There are more reasons why Christians should not be sorrowing and troubled
Reasons that can only be understood now only through the Holy Spirit who guides all true believers in
It was by the spirit that they would know that Christ was in the Father and They in Him and he in them.
FCF: We waist our life if we don’t do the work that God has planned, because we prove our rebellion to the Lord Jesus Christ.
Interogative: If we waist our life what do we prove that is true about us? (that we are still rebellious and in our sins
Theme: You should be doing God’s plan because Jesus never abandons his Children.
T/S: There are ways that you can be comforted in not wasting your life…
  1. The promise of greater works (12)

  2. The gift of Prayer (13-14)

  3. The proof of obedience (15)

  4. The new covenant presence of the Spirit (16-17

  5. The resurrection of Christ. (18-20)

Concluding landing
Are we mosteers, if we are we are still in rebellion with the Creator of our lives.
If we are in rebellion aginst the creator we cannot understanding the Spirit, and are left our of real life and greater works that Christians do.

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