Sunday, May 21, 2006

Vine Living

Vine Living
John 15:7-16:

Introductory Connections

If you are shot down behind enemy lines you are helpless. You need someone to rescue you

FCF: Self dependence – lack of conscious helplessness, We don’t realize that apart form him we can do nothing!
Subject: Vine life is to draw from Christ’s fullness (preoccupied with his excellency, sufficiency,
Complement: Fruit and Friends
Purpose: To make us dependent on God and not ourselves to produce fruit
Question: What is at stake ?
Theme: We need to be must more abiding in Christ
Thrust – through dependency in prayer
Transition:: 5 issues…
Body outline
  1. The issue of conformity, regulation, and honor - 7-8

  2. The issue of obedience and Love - 9-10

  3. The issue of submission and joy -11

  4. The issue of genuine love -12

  5. The issue of Commanding and love – 12-15

  6. Issue of Pride and Prayer - 16

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