Monday, June 19, 2006

Giving Thought To Colloquiums, Cooperation, Alliances ... and Denominations

Giving Thought To Colloquiums, Cooperation, Alliances, Being Together And Denominations.

Here is a great article that deals with differences people have but working together in ministry in reation to faithfulness and relevance.  I love the humility that Mark Dever conveys his thoughts on these issues and is open enough to even see that he can change to.  Mark introduces his thought with the statement:  

I think the most basic practical division among evangelical pastors today may be between those who pursue faithfulness and assume relevance and those who pursue relevance and assume faithfulness.

Just click the folliwng title and read this article.  I think it will stimulate you faithfulness to the Gospel as well as your desire to proclaim it in whatever culture you live in.  

Assumptions and Pursuitsby Mark Dever

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