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Pressing on with the Advantage of the Holy Spirit

Pressing on with the Advantage of the Holy Spirit
Text: John 16:1-11
Introductory Connections
The comforter should quiet your fears
The world deceives by placing all the advantages and profits they offer and the disadvantages that would be by rejecting them. They throw a shade on the privations that must be submitted to, labor that must be sustained, the sacrifices that must be made, and the sufferings that must be endured…
How different is Christ…
Happiness is spiritual, future, in another kingdom and that he who entered into it must forsake all
We must see ourselves not as salesmen, managers, homakers and students. We must see ourselves as witnesses of Jesus Christ and his power to save sinners, who just happen to be salesmen, managers, homakers and students.
Our vocation is that of Christian witness, while the other things we are involved in are merely avocations.

Action Words: sin, righteous, Judgment, hatred
Important Words: apostasy, security,
FCF: The disciples’ boldness should not come from their flesh or circumstances
Subject: The disciples should continue to preach even if the world rejects them
Limiter: because of the relationship of the Holy Spirit to the World
Theological Focus: the Power of the Spirit
Anthropological Focus: The World’s hatred
Problems (page 1& 3) - Interest, or need Element: We give up too soon

Purpose: Faith Statement: to show that we have the advantage in proclamation

Theme: we must press on in preaching in difficult
Limiting Thrust: because the Holy Spirit is the convicter in our preaching
Question: How are we forearmed to face the World?
Transition / proposition: look at several items that will forearm us to press on in the future

Outline complements to the theme: (forearming items)

  • …know that in preaching you must be aware of the great danger of apostasy

  • –…realize that in Preaching you are to instill courage / fear of God

  • The call to repentance can cause people to want the praise of men

  • Insecure faith can cause people to become upset

  • Believe that in preaching The onset of the kingdom means persecution

  • …declare that in preaching Knowing Christ is knowing God is eternal Life - 3

  • …trust that in preaching you must remember God’s faithfulness - 4

  • You are strengthen by knowing that nothing is happening outside of God knowledge and control)

  • See that in preaching the oppressors hour is temporary because they work out their own defeat

  • …understand that in preaching you must learn to rely on the Holy Spirit – 5-7

  • …Love that in preaching the Paraclete extends the convicting ministry of Jesus in ways we would not expect 8-11

  • As Jesus did, the HS divides the world by showing what it does is evil

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