Monday, July 10, 2006

CT Interview with Mark Driscoll

Here is a quote from Mark Driscoll in a Interview he did with Christianity Today

Traditional churches have either leaned toward being fundamentalist and separated from culture, which has led to legalism and irrelevance; or they have leaned toward being liberally synchronized with culture, which leads to compromise and irrelevance. Either way, many traditional churches are irrelevant, whether they lean to the Left or the Right theologically and politically. Most contemporary churches are not very theological beyond a few evangelical basics, because they are guided more by pragmatism and programming than theology. At Mars Hill Church, we are driven by Reformed theological convictions and emerging missional methods. I like to say we are theologically conservative and culturally liberal.

Go to the Christianity Today Article: Men Are from Mars Hill to read more.

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Driscoll's blog is at TheResurgence.

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