Monday, September 15, 2008

Understanding Grace: Hell's Best Kept Secret

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  1. This is what I've been trying to say to Tim about the narcissism and fantasies he seeks after in other women, as well as, controlling me in such a way that only reinforces the fantsized image he has about himself. When he looks into the mirror he sees a smudge, but instead of washing his face he cleans the mirror. The mirror being others, such as me, being his wife. When I present an imperfect mirror, that is the hurt he casts upon me, he sees the mirror as being crack, becomes angry and looks for another mirror that will be more cooperative and never speak the truth.

    This analogy is used for the narcissistic personality disorder and is reflected in fairy tales such as sleeping beauty with the wicked witch looking into her mirror. Unless I reflect back to Tim his idealized image, I serve no other purpose for him, so he becomes adulterous and looks for another to replace me. Anything I have to offer, to share, to give is irrelevant. Thus unless I agreed to not exist as a human being, I was quickly devalued and tossed literally out in the street and left to die. Obviously, God has other plans for me.