Sunday, December 02, 2007

2 Samuel 17 - God's Kingdom Plan Cannot Fail

n the 17th Chapter of 2 Samuel we are drawn into the espionage and the ntelligence reporting of Hushai of Ahithophel's plan to destroy ... all » David and his followers. Like the main theme of the book we see God sovereignty over the choices and affairs of me when the inspired writer in vese 14 reveals to us that God Himself had ordained (willed, chosen) to defeat the counsel of Ahithophel so that He might bring harm upon Absalom. If you are a christian you can take confort in the will of God by 1) understanding the different meanings for "will of God," 2) seeing every event of your life as a comonent of God providential plan, 3) beliving that God in pursuing His glory is also pursuing your greatest good. We see examples of God's providential destruction of Ahithophel, protection of the informate priests (Jonathan and Ahimaaz), and the provision for David and his mighty men. Without a belief in the sovereign and providential hand of God, no one would have any confort in this life or the next. Listen and be prepared to praise God almighty!

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