Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Philippians 1:1-2 - A Captive Joy

We normally think that Philippians is all about joy, and that is of course a major theme when it flashes forth 16 times. But it is sparked by the deeper themes of Paul's letter. Philippians calls us to a particular kind of joy - a joy that was experience by Paul in Roman captivity facing a capital charge while his leadership was being contested. In this sermon we will look at acts 16 and see the journey Paul took to get to Philippi with his companions (Luke, Timothy, and Silas) including the Macedonia call by the Spirit of God. Secondly we will look at Paul's reception by 3 different people in Acts 16 when he arrives at Philippi. Finally, we will look at the occasion for this letter late in Paul's imprisonment at Rom (probably after 62 AD). My desire and prayer is that you will see the servant heart of Paul in fellowship with the Philippians Christians was based on making Christ the center of the letter and the motivation of His joy.

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