Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Philippians 1.6-8 - Sources of Joyful Affection

Paul bases his affection on the Philippians on the confidence He has in God's work in their lives. The doctrine known as "The Perseverance of the Saints" (or "Eternal Security") is an essential orthodox belief that if adamantly rejection will destroy the Gospel of Grace and create another religion foreign to the teachings of Christ. Paul's affection was not motivated by merely earthly emotions but by Christ’s love for his people. We find in these few verses 3 sources for the affections that Paul had for the Philippians: 1) Affections in the center of his heart, 2) Affections of fellowship, and 3) Affections of Christ Himself. We must learn that our confident affections for others stem from knowing that their salvation (and ours) doesn't rest in their (or our) grip on God, but on God's grip on them (us). You will need to look at these verses and ask yourself: Is my faith a genuine saving faith in Christ - one that is authored by Him, sustained by Him, and will one day be completed by Him. Your answer to that question should convict you know how sinful it is not to have been possessed with the affection of Christ for each other as Paul was.«

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