Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Less than 10% of Baptisms are Baptisms?

I am a Baptist by affiliation and conviction. One of the cardinal tenets of Baptist life is Regenerate Church Membership. We seek to do all that is possible to guide people on the path of eternal life. The crulest hoax perpetrated upon mankind is to deceive them about the real condition of their eternal soul.

The NAMB (North American Mission Board - SBC) did a study of persons who had been baptized in SBC life. They sought to determine where they were in their spiritual walk one year after their baptism. Less than 10% were still affiliated with the church and involved in any semblance of spiritual growth. I hope that offends and stuns you. It surely should.

What do you in terms of “Due Diligence” to baptize only those persons that show genuine evidence of conversion? What do you offer to other pastors that will help them in this matter?

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