Sunday, September 05, 2010

Christ or a College Degree?

From Traibologue: Christ or a College Degree?: "
It is a sad day in the United States when a Christian is given the ultimatum to either ditch Christ or get kicked out of grad school. See the details of Jen Keeton's story below.

Augusta State Univ. to counseling student: change your beliefs or get out

Keeton, 24, is pursuing her master’s degree in counseling at Augusta State. After her professors learned of her biblical beliefs, specifically her views on homosexual conduct, from both classroom discussions and private conversations with other students, the school imposed the re-education plan. Keeton never denigrated anyone in communicating her beliefs but merely stated factually what they were in appropriate contexts.

The plan assails Keeton’s beliefs as inconsistent with the counseling profession and expresses suspicion over “Jen’s ability to be a multiculturally competent counselor, particularly with regard to working with gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning (GLBTQ) populations.” The plan requires her to take steps to change her beliefs through additional assignments and additional “diversity sensitivity training.” It also orders her to “work to increase exposure and interactions with gay populations. One such activity could be attending the Gay Pride Parade in Augusta.”
So, my 64 million dollar question for the powers that be at Augusta State University is this: Why stop with GLBTQ sensitivity training for Jen Keeton? Why not PB training too? (P = Pedophilia; B = Bestiality).

After all, I'm sure NAMBLA and the human-animal porn industry could use some counseling services too!

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  1. Glenn, there is a mistake in believing that this young woman has been singled out because she's a Christian. There is also a mistake in not considering the university's position, something we haven't heard much of because of legal reasons. I'm a Christian and a school counselor, and I've been weighing in on some blogs and news sources that seem to give a one-sided approach to this story.

    At any given time, there are thousands of students training to become a school counselor. I can only guess as to what percentage those students are Christians. 30? 40? How many other Christians are enrolled in this program? Yet, they don't seem to have a problem with their universities singling them out because of their faith. I think that there is a very real possibility that this student has said/written some things in the course of her study that has caused the university to have serious doubts about her ability to be objective when working in a public school system. What she is considering as "re-education" might very well be just the university trying to get some assurances that this will happen. It's too bad she got as far as she did before this was found out.

    As a Christian, it's important not to jump to conclusions in this case, or any other, for that matter, where there is an appearance of religious persectuion.