Friday, November 26, 2010

Lead 10 Audio

Lead 10 Audio:
Lead 10 is a conference recently held in Auburn, Maine hosted by Josh Cousineau. This is the second year, and the main speakers were Bob Thune (author of The Gospel Centered Life) and Bill Streger. Jared Wilson also shared about gospel wakefulness in breakout sessions.  it is about the  most needed subject matter (the gospel).

I encourage you to download the 13 MP3′s below. It is definitely worth a listen. Check them out.

What Is the Gospel? | Q&A by Bob Thune

Gospel Hype | Q&A by Bill Streger

The Gospel and the Ordinary | Q&A by Bill Streger

The Centrality of the Gospel by Bob Thune

What Is Gospel Wakefulness? by Jared Wilson

Preaching for Gospel Wakefulness by Jared Wilson

A Plea for Church Planting | Q&A by Bob Thune

The Subversiveness of the Gospel | Q&A by Bill Streger


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