Friday, January 28, 2011 – The Osteen Moment — Your Own Moment Will Come Soon Enough – The Osteen Moment — Your Own Moment Will Come Soon Enough:

Mohler: "Joel Osteen found himself forced to answer a question that every Christian — and certainly every Christian leader — will be forced to answer. When that moment comes, and come it will, those who express confidence in the Bible’s teaching that homosexuality is a sin will find themselves facing the same shock and censure from the very same quarters.

What happened last night on Piers Morgan Tonight is a sign of things to come. After this interview, Joel Osteen will never be seen in the same way by the secular media and a good segment of the public. His efforts to avoid talking about sin failed him, and he ran out of options. Thankfully, he did not deny that homosexuality is a sin. We can only have hoped that he would have given a more bold answer, followed by an equal boldness in the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

Since we are all sinners, how do proclaim or share the truthfulness of sin and the just judgement of God of sinners?  How do you frame your proclamation of sin as part of the Gospel of Christ in saving sinners?  Does it do any good to try to sugar coat a sin like "homosexuality" because you don't want to be rejected?

I believe that the only way that the gospel makes sense is to boldly proclaim the depravity of man because only those who have come to the end of their own righteousness will every call up Christ to be saved.  How we do this is important

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