Saturday, January 22, 2011

Key Points in The Trellis and the Vine

trellisvineI so resonate with the book "Trellis and the Vine" by Colin Marshal and Tony Payne.  It is exactly what I attempt to accomplish in my ministry.  One of the hardest ministry mind-shifts is to shift from running programs to building people.  that means that the forms of ministry must serve the function of ministry.  Training people becomes more important than events.  2 timothy 2:1-2 becomes an imperative for our ministry lives.  Isn't it sinful not to obey God in multiplying leadership because we are trying to maintain our current selection of services to people?  It just may be.  

The last ministry mind-shift is also very very very important for me - I must change from seeking church growth to desiring gospel growth.  this means that speaking the gospel in various situations and contexts becomes the foundation of seeing the gospel take hold and grow in the lives of the people and overflow in the evangelism that takes place in their regular conversations in all of life.  

You can read more about some of the key points in the "Trellis and the Vine" at: 

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