Wednesday, February 02, 2011

New Class on Soteriology

The attachment contains the Student Notebook for our Class on Soteriology (Doctrine of Salvation).  Who: Everyone is invited to ourTheology Bible Fellowship - men and women!   Please Invite your family and friends and let's grow in knowing Christ bdoing theology Irenically (peaceably) and correctly in good dialog with each other!  We want to grow up into Christ as His disciples and that requires that all of us know and are continuing to develop our theology.  Developing a good biblically based theology will causes all of us to delight in and love God more in worship and love our fellow man in ministry.   Remember that the Bible is the our preeminent authority on the stage of true so "the palatability of a doctrine doesn't determine its veracity." We need to believe the bible where ever it leads us over our own human reasoning, our experience, our tradition, and our emotions.  When we believe incorrectly (and all of us do in many ways), we distort the Gospel of Jesus Christ in some way - which affects us and others.  We all need God's grace on this journey.  As Spurgeon says, "to believe something wrong is sin" and so we need to strive to grow by God's grace in correction our judgments as well as our actions and affections.  We cannot be content to just minister to others or evangelize others when our relationship with God is harmed by sinful judgments or sinful disdain for the importance of constantly developing and growing theologically.  What we believe affects our actions and ministry in all of life.     Knowing God through Christ is the greatest joy one will every have and we must continue to fight for Joy by grace!   We do that by pursuing Christ - and that is Theology! 

When: Every Tuesday Night @ 6:30pm - 8:30pm 

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