Sunday, March 20, 2011

OT Believers and their relationship with the Holy Spirit

Here are the articles about OT Believers and their relationship with the Holy Spirit that I promised to give you.  The first article by Dr. Jim Hamilton is the best in my opinion.

Were OT Beleivers Indwelt by the Holy Spirit
by Dr. Jim Hamilton.

His Conclusion
Were old covenant believers indwelt by the Holy Spirit? No. They did not need to be.  God dwelt in the temple. He was thereby with them. How did old covenant believers become and remain faithful? They became faithful by the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit, which in the OT is described more as ‘circumcision of the heart’ (cf. Jer. 9:25) than as ‘new birth from above’ (cf. John 3:3). They remained faithful not by the Spirit dwelling in them, but by the Spirit dwelling in the temple (Ps. 73:17), where they longed to be (Ps. 116:18–19). Further, the Spirit was active through Israel’s prophets (1 Pet. 1:11). As the prophets proclaimed God’s word, the Spirit instructed and admonished God’s people (Neh. 9:20, 30). Under the old covenant, the Spirit gave life and was with the people as he dwelt in the temple. Under the new covenant, the Spirit gives life and dwells in God’s people; they are his temple

The Old Testament Ministry of the Holy Spirit
Dr. Tim White
Here is a guy who graduated from RTS and gives 3 views of this issue.  He concludes He concludes: "I agree with Dr. Stallard’s conclusion: In light of this and the preceding arguments, it seems best to reject the belief that the Holy Spirit indwelt Old Testament believers ."

by Reformed answers at Third Millennium Ministries
This is the classic Covenantal view that the Holy Spirit did permanently indwell OT Believers.  

Old Testament Believers and New Testament Christians
A comparison of the spiritual condition of the Old Testament believers and New Testament Christians
by James A. Fowler
This guy is neither Covenant Theologian or a Dispensational theologian, but claims to have a Christ-Centered Hermeneutic.  But I have questions about his honest scholarship.  I have not read him yet

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