Saturday, May 07, 2011

SBC Fault Lines

This is one of the first articles where a "win-win" or an "in-Christ" option in settleing "fault lines" within the SBC.  

I have been reading about cooperation and the pursuit of truth for a long time, and it usually seems that people talk past each other instead of with each other realizing that while they may disagree on  secondary or tertiary doctrines, we don't need to elevate them to essential doctrines that would cause us to separate over everything.   Nathan Fin wrote a great article on how a church can cooperate: 

With Whom Can My Church Cooperate?

In the Article Dr. Steve Lemke wrote that the SBC landscape includes several points of contention that he has helpfully offered an "in-Christ" solution to instead of advocating an "in-Adam" solution.  

 Baptist Press - SBC DISCUSSION: Will SBC 'fault lines' lead to division or unity? - News with a Christian Perspective

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