Monday, September 26, 2011

An honest look at the Prusit of Joy

Here are 2 quotes of John's in this article that are especially encouraging to me:

“Christians care about all suffering, especially eternal suffering”
...[Christians] should not define happiness as the kind of breezy, light, superficial, smiley-faced, praise-God-anyhow, that gives the impression to others that they don’t know suffering, and that they are hypocritical and superficial.  That is the danger I fear when you ask it, should they be a happy person.  I would want to say they should be the person who looked like they maintain a sweet contented disposition when the stock market is high—and when it is low. When the hurricane is blowing the city away or hasn’t blown the city away. When their health is good, and when their health is bad.  The beautiful thing in the marketplace would be a person whose profound contentedness in God doesn’t spike and plummet with circumstances. That is what will testify to the rock-solid reality of God as their joy.
The interview is very encouraging about the reality that everyone is still striving after the Goal of Christ.  

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