Monday, January 02, 2012

More and more I believe that it is important that one develop a robust Biblical Theology that can inform one's systematic theology which ultimately informs ones expositions of Scripture

Listen to Mark Dever do this in one exposition from all of scripture:

Preaching from Genesis through Revelation, Mark Dever unfolds the beautiful plan of God, evident in Scripture from beginning to end.


  1. Hi Glenn! God bless you for your balanced approach to His word. We need the whole counsel of Scripture. Wd you pls check out my new book, "the Lap"? I've challenged Rob Bell to a debate which I hope he will accept. Go to: (110 pages) I need Bible expositors like you to endorse my book which I expect you wd do if you just took a little time to review it. Thank you so much! I've been a single dad for nearly 10 yrs--this book was hard to write!

  2. Hi, Glenn! God bless you for faithfully expositing His word! My new book, "the Lap", challenges us to find our place on His Lap (see Matt. 18:3). Wd you please review my book? It's fast reading--only 110 pages. Go to: I've tweeted (ruonHislap) Rob Bell challenging him to a debate--am waiting to hear back from him.