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Movement Maths

Movement Maths 
The power of multiplication
All movements have their own special arithmetic. Movements, for example, always prefer multiplication over addition. They just love geometric progressions. So, to build movements everywhere, we need to understand how movement math works.

Let me give you one example: In the chart below, compare the results of evangelism by addition with evangelism by multiplication.

In the left column, you help win and disciple one person to Christ per day for the next sixteen years. In the right column, you win and disciple one person per year but disciple that person so that he or she reproduces himself/herself. This multiplication process then continues for sixteen years. Compare the results of movement math at the year sixteen.

You can see why movements always prefer multiplication.

The reach of any movement is directly proportional to the breadth of its leadership base. Only to the extent that movements grow “self-initiating, reproducing, fully devoted disciples (i.e. multiplying true believers)” can they hope to reach the multitudes.

As Eugene Peterson humorously put it for us in the States, “Jesus, it must be remembered, restricted nine-tenths of his ministry to twelve Jews because it was the only way to redeem all Americans.”

For our purposes, we need to keep movement math always in mind. Multiplication - the continued expansion and reproduction of disciples who are producing other disciples-is the heart of any Biblical movement.
Movement math tells us that we cannot build movements without the multiplication of leaders, without reproducing disciple- makers. Christian ministries and programs typically depend upon a single leader or group of leaders. Once those leaders pass on, the ministry or program dies.

In a Biblical movement, there is the continued replenishment of leaders to carry its cause forward. We can’t reach the military – expand the kingdom – unless we multiply the laborers.

Commit to movement math. Force yourself to always think multiplication and geometric progressions.
Jesus’ concern was not with programs to reach the multitudes, but with men the multitudes would follow. – Robert Coleman, MasterPlan of Evangelism

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