Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Resolution on Cooperation and Stop It! - I like it!!!

I appreciate this resolution, but I would first read the article Stop It!! - A Plea for Grownup Conversation in the SBC


As submitted by Chris Roberts, pastor, Immanuel Baptist Church, Panama City)
WHEREAS, our nation and world continue in a state of moral and spiritual crisis which can only be changed through the gospel of Jesus Christ,
WHEREAS, Jesus has united his people under his Lordship and has instructed us to make disciples throughout the world through local church ministry and global missions,
WHEREAS, we celebrate the cooperation of Southern Baptists in the work of missions,
WHEREAS, since 1925 Southern Baptists have affirmed a unified confession of faith in the Baptist Faith and Message,
WHEREAS, the Baptist Faith and Message does not define what individual Southern Baptists and Southern Baptist churches must believe but rather describes what Southern Baptists generally and historically have believed,
WHEREAS, the one doctrinal statement we affirm as necessary for all believers is the inspired, inerrant Word of God,
WHEREAS, we affirm the responsibility of the individual and the local church to rightly divide the Word of Truth,
WHEREAS, we recognize that Southern Baptists following conscience and conviction may disagree on certain theological points not essential to salvation while remaining both united under the Baptist Faith and Message and committed to the work of carrying the gospel to the nations,
WHEREAS, we respect and defend the autonomy of the local church in all matters of governance,
WHEREAS, we acknowledge there are painful times when Southern Baptists find it necessary to separate from local congregations that have adopted theological positions on crucial matters that are far removed from what we have generally and historically affirmed to be central Baptist beliefs,
RESOLVED, that we affirm the right and responsibility of individuals to read and seek to understand their Bibles under the leadership of the Holy Spirit,
RESOLVED, that we affirm that the convention cannot dictate what churches must teach and believe,
RESOLVED, that we affirm the autonomy of local congregations in holding confessions of faith which may address matters not contained in, yet consistent with, the Baptist Faith and Message,
RESOLVED, that we will not seek to limit the cooperation of Southern Baptist churches on theological matters beyond the Baptist Faith and Message,
RESOLVED, that we will give thanks to God for granting us a convention of cooperating churches which permits freedom to individual believers and autonomy to local churches,
RESOLVED, that we encourage all Southern Baptist churches to continue in faithful cooperation as we deepen our commitment to build the saints and reach the lost with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.

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