Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kingdom through Covenant

Peter Gentry and Stephen Wellum’s much anticipated book, Kingdom through Covenant, has recently been released. It is certainly worth the purchase, as I anticipate that it will have an impact on the debates concerning how Christians “put the Bible together.” The continuity and discontinuity of the Bible has typically been understood in dispensational or covenantal terms, with certain variations of each. Gentry and Wellum attempt to offer a mediating view ("Progressive Covenantalism"), utilizing the latest in linguistic studies as well as updated insights on the ancient Near East and its implications for how we view the biblical covenants. I know that for Gentry, this book is the culmination of over thirty years of research and meditation. Credo Magazine interviewed Gentry and Wellum back in May about the book. Those interviews would be worth checking out. Also, you can find a shorter version of some of Gentry’s arguments here. But more importantly, you should buy the book.

Here are some links for your perusal, study, and purchase of this book:

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Not Dispensationalism or Covenant Theology but Kingdom through Covenant

A Major New Defense of a More Biblical Way than Dispensationalism or Covenant Theology - Justin Taylor
For serious students of God's word, this will become a much-discussed and debated book. I suspect their "progressive covenantalism" (which I think is right) will change some paradigms, similar to the way in which progressive dispensationalism has made dispensationalism more tethered to biblical theology.

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